Travelling in Malaysia: Public Transport or Car Rental Service?

You have now booked your flight to Malaysia, and your torn between the problem of using a public transport versus hiring a car rental service. Actually, there are really two sides of the story here, and the choice is really in your hands. This article will help and guide you in choosing the best mode of transportation for your travel in Malaysia. Now let us discuss each side of the story: Public Transport vs. Car Rental Service.

Public Transport

malaysia transport
We are talking in general about the kind of transportation that locals use in their everyday lives. Buses, trains and taxis are the major modes of transportation in Malaysia. Using these to travel around Malaysia can cost you from cheap to sky rocket prices. Be careful and responsible enough to choose the best transportation for you. In conclusion, if you really want to experience being a local citizen in Malaysia, then opt for riding a public mode of transportation.

Car Rental Services

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When you in for a budget to hire a car rental service, why not restrain your self from not having such, right? Besides, renting a car rental service has many benefits such as flexibility and affordability. You can tour around the city without thinking much of the time spent and the expenses you need to pay. Travel around the tourist attractions without hassle with a car rental Penang, Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or any place you might want to go.

Choosing between these two services really depends on your preference. Whatever your choice maybe, I hope all the best for your travel in Malaysia!

Advantages of Hiring a Car Rental Service in Singapore

Let’s face it, anyone would love to drive around the city with a decent car. It’s sort of a plus factor for anyone especially when riding around a progressive country like Singapore. However, purchasing a car could be a quite venture. Especially with the new models released every year, the price of purchasing a car is also increasing. Depending on one’s financial capability, car purchasing can have a two-side story. Advantages may include freedom and flexibility in using your own car. On the other hand, disadvantages may include the costs needed to be incurred like in maintenance, insurance, and other things.

The good thing here is, there is a new alternative to purchasing a car. When you’re out for travelling around the city but doesn’t have a car, you don’t need to purchase one anymore. Many car rental companies are now offering car rental services. This service is really a great alternative especially for those who don’t have the budget yet to buy a car. Car rental Singapore is a great solution to an increasing demand in using a car. Besides, there are many advantages associated with renting a car. Here are just some:

Affordable Rates

value for money
There are many car companies in Singapore that offer great deals and packages. These packages are offered according to your needs- whether it is daily, weekly, or even monthly. The payment is also very flexible and you can request a mode of payment from a car rental company.



business turning back time
Of course, when compared to using public transits, hiring a car rental service can really save you a lot of time. Metro Rail Transits(MRT) is the common transportation service in Singapore, and using such can be a hassle especially for travelers who want to enjoy more time in wandering around the city. Long lines, and stop overs can consume the time that you might be spending on eating an Indian Chili Crab at the Hawker Center.



This is one of the factors that travelers want to have that urges them to rent a car in Singapore. Because of the flexibility it gives, renting a car is the optimal choice for those who travel in Singapore. Aside from the affordability and efficiency in time management, they can also control their destination. Whether it is is Marina Bay, Orchard St., or Hawker Center, there is no problem as you can just use your rented car to go to these places.

Now that you know the advantages in renting a car in Singapore, you might now want to book for a car service. I can help you with the reservation and other requirements. Just send me an inquiry using the form provided on the right side of this page.

Money Saving Tips when Visiting in Singapore

Traveling in any place can be quite expensive and extensive planning must be done in order to budget your travel plans. To really enjoy your visit, you must be wise in budgeting your resources financially. Especially when travelling in Singapore-which we know for a fact is a great city-state that could offer you a lot when it comes to tourist destinations and food delicacies, keeping your budget tight without compromising your enjoyment and fun is a must. So, without further a due, here are some money saving tips you must keep in mind when you want to travel to Singapore.

local food singapore
1. Eat on local food shops- Local food stations is where authentic Singaporean food is located. Ask any local for an authentic Singaporean food and they will point you out to some of the most known local food stores. But if you want to spend less on food but still is superb, you can try checking out China Town, or Little India. Another food station that is known in Singapore is the Hawker Center. This food center has a many mini-restaurants that offer a wide variety of local and international foods. These stores are also really cheap.


public transit singapore
2. Take a public transit- If you want to save on transportation, you can just get a ride on public transport to roam around the city. You can have a unlimited ride on buses and trains and it just costs around USD8 when you have a Singapore Tourist Pass.


walking in singapore
3. Walk around the streets- When you are really out on budget for riding public transportation, you can just have a walk around the city! Besides, locals and other foreigners opt to have a walk around the city-state to really get familiar with the streets. Having a walk around the city instead of riding a public transit or hiring a car service is really an inexpensive solution. Aside from saving money, walking in Singapore is also good for your health and this is a win-win situation, right?

So, when you plan to travel to Singapore without thinking much of the price you have to pay, you can bookmark this article and bring it with you to really save money in the Asia’s Lion City. Have fun!


Things to keep in mind when travelling in Singapore

What comes first in your mind when you think of travelling around Asia? I bet one thing that you think of is Japan, Korea, Singapore, or Philippines. But let’s talk about one place at a time. And now, let’s discuss about Singapore, and what it is like travelling in this city-state. Most people would just stay for a couple of days here, but my advice is you should stay here a little bit longer- like a week to really embrace the place. Anyone who wants to travel here would really love it as this city can offer when it comes to tourist attractions and food delicacies. There is a lot to do in Singapore and some place you might want to visit are the parks by the Malaysian border. And oh, you should definitely try out Chinese and Indian foods- especially chili crabs! Below are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when going for a trip in Singapore.

singapore travel


singapore food

Food: This is where everyone will agree on price. Allocate a larger portion of your budget in food when travelling because you surely don’t want to miss out on the local delicacies in the place you are travelling. Fortunately, there are many cheap and low-cost food stations in Singapore. You can literally order a meal for about USD4 and be satisfied with it! Chinese and Indian foods usually costs around USD6-7 per order. So, the price for food is basically not an issue here.

singapore hotel

Place of Stay: One thing to keep in mind is to really save up for accommodation in Singapore. This is because hotel rooms are quite expensive. Though there are some budget hotels and hotel dorm that could could around USD18-25, it’s still an expensive thing especially when your staying there for weeks. Really find a cheap booking to save money for other things!

activities in singapore

Activities in Singapore: The activities in Singapore is generally not that expensive-really! You can visit a lot of tourist attractions at an affordable price. You can check out the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and the Singapore Botanical Gardens- these destinations are free. You can also go to the Marina Bay and experience the warm breeze while looking at the skyscraper buildings. When your into resorts and beaches, you can also go to Sentosa Island and ride a cable car which costs very cheap.

singapore transportation

Mode of Transportation: Singapore has a lot of taxis and buses around but the most common transportation used by the locales is the Mass Rapid Transit, and it costs about USD3. However, if you are not into this kind of transportation and want to have the privacy of travelling, you can try out renting a car service. Having a car rental in Singapore is the best solution when you want to travel with ease. Choosing a car rental service over a public transportation can save you a lot of time and energy, plus you can fully maximize your travel in Singapore.

Don’t Travel in Malaysia without Reading This

Malaysia tourism
Have you been to Malaysia? If not, then it is now time to plan your travel and book your flight for Malaysia now! For those who don’t know Malaysia that much, this great country is a beautiful place for cultural and historical attractions. You can definitely have a lot of acitivities from visiting historical places to dining in favorite local Malaysian food stores. Other things to do in Malaysia is visiting the Cameron highlands or having a hiking trip through the national parks of Gunung Mulu and Taman Negara, while enjoying the view of wild animals like Orangutans and Tigers. Don’t leave Malaysia without trying their local foods, especially their national dish- Nasi Iemak. Go to the streets and try out the food served by street vendors for an authentic Malay food. Undoubtedly, Malaysia is really a great and unique travel experience that you must have in your travel plans.

malaysia hotel

Place of Stay: The rates for accomodation is generally cheap but finding one depends on your strategy. Basically, the rate for dorms start a USD7 to USD15 a night, and rates increase as you get near the city. There are also private rooms that are pretty expensive that costs around USDPrivate rooms cost around $15 USD for a single room, and around $30 for a double. Budget , and some budgetels could cost around USD25.

malaysian food

Food: Local Malay food is fortunately cheap! Indulge and get satisfied with authentic Malaysian food at a low price! Usually, a street meal could cost in just around USD1 to USD. However, if you want to eat in restaurants, this could cost you around USD3-5.

malaysian transportation

Transportation: Bus trips in Malaysia costs around USD1-3 an hour. Beware with riding in taxis because using this mode of transportation is quite expensive. A persons ride could cost as if you are paying for four persons. So it’s better to ride a taxi with someone or a group to divide the fee. Another alternative is to hire a car rental service. It’s the same as with hiring a taxi but offers more flexibility when traveling.

See Car Rental Services in Asia

activities in malaysia

Activities: One good thing that Malaysia has is its cheap cost when it comes to visitng attractions. Search around the city and ask some locals on what places to visit in Malaysia.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your pen, list down the things you need and book a flight to Malaysia now!